#5 This Week’s Top 5

The past few weeks I have been getting properly into the groovy, soul infused pop that seems to be taking off like crazy! With

Interview with Blossom Caldarone

It took me less than a minute to realise there was something special about Blossom Caldarone’s music. Plenty of things make

Musings from a train: Diary of a bleary-eyed student

It’s 7:38am. I have been en route back to Uni now for almost two hours and despite the lack of sleep and the impending d

#4 This Week’s Top 5

This week’s top five is a bit of a nostalgic turn down memory lane to some of the best Indie Rock classics I grew up listeni

#3 This Week’s Top 5

I am officially back at University and although I may no longer be as fresh as a fresher I’m certainly just as excited!

#2 This Week’s Top 5

The 1975- “TOOTIMETOOTIMETOOTIME” On first listen TOOTIMETOOTIMETOOTIME could be any mainstream pop song . Avid fa

Freshers’ flu: a soundtrack for staying in

As we make our way into the third week of term, I’m going to make the prediction that many of you will be sat reading this w

The Amazons at the Junction: ‘bursting at the seams with relentless energy and excitement’

Sometimes when you feel as if you haven’t had decent night out in forever, the best remedy is simply to throw yourself head

I’m happy as I am thankyou very much!

On maybe a weekly basis, I write extensive plans to overhaul my life in an outpouring of self-improvement.  You name it, I ha

Importing a little Spanish flair into the daily grind

We have all experienced it. With the dawn of a new academic year upon us, cries of students across the land can be heard utter