#2 This Week’s Top 5


On first listen TOOTIMETOOTIMETOOTIME could be any mainstream pop song . Avid fans of The 1975 may even mourn the alternative roots of the band asking why they had to succumb to the drones of synths over guitar music. Yet then you hear it for the second time and it kinda grows on you so you start to get it in your head and then by the third playing its just the best bloody song you’ve heard in ages! I don’t know how they did it, but this easygoing, poppy anthem is actually ridiculously catchy and I just can’t get it out of my head!!!


Jacob Collier- “Hideaway”

Since watching his BBC Prom I have developed a total obsession for Jacob Collier, the undisputed King of Harmony. The insanely talented multi-instrumentalist’s soothing tones have sure made my stressful commuter journeys a lot more bearable, although admittedly run the risk of early morning sobbing at just how sweet his songs are.


RAT BOY- “Get Over It”

I honestly don’t know how it has taken me so long to get into RAT BOY but with slick, topical lyrics and a delivery that sure packs a punch, you are missing out if you don’t give this trailblazer a listen.

Razorlight-“Got To Let The Good Times Back Into Your Life”

Indie Rock legends Razorlight are officially back and I personally couldn’t be happier to have motor mouth Johnny Borrell back in my life. Razorlight were actually my favourite band when I got my first MP3 player back at the tender age of seven so it’s an absolute treat to get some new music from them PLUS added bonus. It’s all actually pretty fucking good, hallelujah!


Parov Stelar- “Mambo Rap”

I’m not going to lie to you, this one may not float your boat… I really can’t put my finger on why I have listened to this so many times, it sorta sounds like if the Inbetweeners movie was mixed with a good helping of K-Pop. Yeah, weird but surprisingly catchy and so damn bizarre I kinda love it…



Image courtesy of Ed Blow (Dirty Hit)

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