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Hi there and welcome to KellowTalk! My name is Hermione Kellow and I’m a twenty-year old Music student at the University of Cambridge. KellowTalk is a place for me to chat about anything and everything, although unsurprisingly there will be a large focus on music!


Music has always been the largest part of my life, from my classical training on the Violin to a lifelong passion for alternative music and festival going. Having spent the majority of my childhood backstage of various theatres, with my Dad working as a Stage Manager, I have spent my life surrounded by performers and musicians so it felt only natural that on starting University, I would begin to write about the music I love and the experiences I have had.There is such an amazing range of music being experimented with at the moment and with the growth of streaming services particularly, this felt like the perfect place to start discussions.


Aside from Music, I am unashamedly millennial with a Netflix addiction and a penchant for brunch! I often dabble in the occasional health-kick and see this as the optimum place to log my various attempts at a ‘healthy’ student lifestyle… I have two cats, an incredible family and a thirst for knowledge so please have a look around and see if anything takes your fancy!


For work enquiries and opportunities please feel free to drop me an email on hermionekellow@hotmail.co.uk






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