#4 This Week’s Top 5

This week’s top five is a bit of a nostalgic turn down memory lane to some of the best Indie Rock classics I grew up listening to. As I’m currently in the process of starting a dissertation (eeeek!) on Indie music and specifically the guitar bands that dominated the scene from 2002-2005, I have been rediscovering my love for music of the era. Full of heavy drumming, jangly guitar riffs and angst they take me straight back to days spent memorising Kaiser Chief lyrics in my room, worshipping Pete Doherty and Johnny Borrell!

So here is my self-indulgent list from the Indie back catalogue…


The Strokes- “Last Nite”


The Libertines- “What Katie did”


Franz Ferdinand- “Take me out”


The Killers- “Glamorous Indie Rock & Roll”


Razorlight- “Golden Touch”


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