#5 This Week’s Top 5

The past few weeks I have been getting properly into the groovy, soul infused pop that seems to be taking off like crazy! With a hint of Tom Misch, a dash of Amy Winehouse and a great helping of heart, here are some of my top picks…

Mahalia- Sober

Since seeing Mahalia live last year I have been in love with her sultry vocals and chill vibe. The girl has got style and she’s releasing some absolute bangers so be sure to keep your ears/spotify open!

Blossom- Life Again

I have been OBSESSED with Blossom’s music for ages and Life Again is in no way an exception. Originally inspired by a conversation she had with her Grandma about growing old, it may well be catchy but it’s also filled with a poignancy only a great storyteller could deliver. I was lucky enough to interview Blossom earlier this year and I’m certain there are exciting things to come…

Charlie Burg- Lovesong (The Way) [feat.Bluets]

This was such a pleasant surprise when I stumbled across it, a song that could fit into a fifties rom-com with its jazzy guitars and la-la-la-ooh-ooh-oohing dreamy backing vocals, but with an absolute mastery of synthesisers that brings it crashing into 2018. It’s a remarkably sweet and impressive track I have had solidly on repeat.

OLIVIA- Reason to stay

Packed full of empowering lyrics, groovy harmonies and soulful vocals OLIVIA’s debut single is absolutely spellbinding. It’s refreshingly simple and clean with a real focus on integrity.

Sure Sure- Koreatown

Fun and carefree Koreatown just makes me think of Summer. It is like a ray of sunshine in this depressing cold weather and has become my most recent go to for a cheery pick me up!

Image courtesy of Hermione Kellow | KellowTalk

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